Goldfeder's Gala

The week commenced for those of us North of San Diego with a caravan departing from San Juan Capistrano on Saturday the 18th. The departure point was Denny?s restaurant at Ortega Highway and the 5 freeway. Tom Brockmiller?s silver 512 TR led a group of about ten 246?s, 308?s, 328?s 348?sand Cy Yedor?s 560SEL on a run "over the hill" via Ortega Highway to Lake Elsinore with a destination at Deer Park for lunch.

The drive was "scenic" and we may even say serene. "They" have tamed one of our old "bonsai" runs from a challenging, high speed event into a "no-pass," laser infested, divided, and well paved highway. Oh, well, nothing stays the same. And, thank God, some of us are getting to old to drive like that anyway.

We did enjoy the view of Lake Elsinore and arrived after an hour at Deer Park Winery in Escondido. We converged at the winery with several other FCA members from San Diego, Arizona and Nevada. The owner of the winery has an attractive collection of approximately 25 old America cars dating back to the 50s. If you?ve never been there it?s well worth the drive and easily found just north of Escondido on Highway 15. Open daily and free to the public.

Judd and Faye had arranged for the Park to serve us a barbecue lunch sitting just outside the car collection, overlooking the vineyards. Our group had increased with the arrival of other cars and we now had about thirty good Ferrari friends. Thanks to Don Caverhill and Judi Givant we were afforded the opportunity to sample some Zinnfidel and Chardonay with lunch at the winery and a tour of the collection followed.

Judd met us at the luncheon and provided a comprehensive six page map covering two different routes (one direct and one for driving pleasure) to his residence in Escondido.

Judd hosted a barbecue at his home on Saturday evening. The local real estate broker should have snapped a photograph of all the Ferraris as evidence of the neighborhood?s good taste. It was wonderful. The food, drink, friends and what a view of the sunset. His home was magnificent. There was even some talk of cars, but not a lot.

Special guests who came just for the weekend, all the way from Ottawa, Canada, included Jake and Sandra Silverberg, relatives of Rose and Murray Cogan, and active members of the FCA region in Canada. Of course, they drove the 410SA, what a car!!!!!

It was a great evening highlighted by having 15 people watching ESPN2 to see Michael Schumacher qualify for pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix. (I hope you saw Schummy in the rain passing Alesi and Villeneuve at the Spanish Grand Prix on June 2nd ? great stuff).

Knowing that the next morning was an early invitation to view Symbolic Motors in LaJolla and on to Skeet and Sharon Dunn?s picnic we departed feeling well satisfied with a day enjoyed and a most full belly.

Thanks again Faye and Judd for your hosting of this fine annual event.

Sunday morning I arose early to "clean out" the carburetors with a one hour drive up to Mount Polamar. It is a drive with several pleasing curves but be careful of the many motor and pedal bikers also taking this route. I missed breakfast hosted by Symbolic Motors in La Jolla but I understand it was a good start to the day.

The highlight of the weekend was the picnic generously arranged by Skeets and Sharon Dunn. If you have never attended the Dunn?s annual spring picnic by all means mark your calendar for next year. There cannot be a finer setting for a car enthusiast?s luncheon. The Dunns had 10 Ferraris on display in their clean garage, including a 312T raced by Nicki Lauda to the Formula One title in 1975. I estimate approximately 150 Ferraris were in attendance , with half packed on the front lawn. As usual, the grounds of this 12 acre estate were surgically clean. The picnic broke up about 3 PM and those who left late were able to savor the sound of several of Enzo?s best revving their engines as they got up<