Picnic at Skeets and Sharon Dunn's

On Saturday, May 18th, Ferraris from all over California began converging for what has become the single largest gathering of these magnificent machines within the State. While completely informal in nature, careful organization by both the Southwest Region of the Ferrari Club of America and the Ferrari Owner?s Club has ensured that every year some of the very finest examples of Enzo Ferrari?s creativity have been in attendance.

This year?s event spanned a two day period beginning with a "ride and drive" and barbecue hosted by long time FCA member Judd Goldfeder. The following morning found no fewer than 50 of Ferrari?s finest gathering for a light breakfast at Symbolic Motor Car Company?s La Jolla facility.

At 9:30 a procession that grew quickly to nearly 75 vehicles proceeded North out of La Jolla past the Del Mar racetrack and into Rancho Santa Fe. Nestled comfortably on a low hillside can be found one of San Diego?s most famous residences. The former Bing Crosby Estate, known as Osuna Ranch, and now owned by "Skeets" and Sharon Dunn as been host to this event for over five years. Over the next few hours no fewer than 150 Ferraris from as far away as San Francisco took position on the main lawn in front the Dunn?s palatial residence.

In attendance at this year?s festivities were a hypnotic assortment of contemporary and classic Ferraris in both road and race trim. The oldest was the last of just seven Touring bodied 212 Barchettas. This particular car appeared completely original and unmolested much as she must have been when last raced by her first and most famous owner, Baron Luigi Bordonaro di Chiaramonte of Palermo, Italy.

A "Barchetta" of a very different design was also in attendance. Of a far more contemporary nature, this new F50 was driven down from Los Angeles by its proud new owner. Taking center stage and representing Ferrari?s latest technology, this new "Barchetta" shares little except her origins and the name of her earlier stablemate.

Additional Ferraris of particular interest included the ex-Scuderia Serinisima Series One GTO; respelendent in its later Sedish livery of blue and yellow. Additionally striking was the 375 America "Agneli" Berlinetta Speciale. This vehicle also appeared to have never seen the inside of a restoration shop and could have just as easily have been rescued from the proverbial barn rather than out for a regular Sunday drive.

As the afternoon wore on, no fewer than 400 individuals enjoyed a picnic lunch amongst the nearly 200 Ferraris that continued to gather throughout the day.

One can only dream of the treasures that might appear at next year?s festivities?