LeCercle Concours

This year?s LeCercle Concours d?Elegance began with a reception at the Airport Marina Hotel on Saturday night. Honoring judges, entrants and various officials associated with the concours.

We had a nice turn-out of Ferrari folks and the food was delicious. The highlight of the evening was the factory fresh Ferrari F355B which was brought by the Gian Giacomo Mattioli, Area Sales Manager and put on display in the hotel lobby. As you can imagine, the car drew a lot of attention from the many people in the hotel as well as from our group. Ferrari North America has only two company owned dealerships in the world and they are both in California. Mill Valley, north of San Francisco and Beverly Hills. This reflects the importance of our marketplace to Ferrari.

Sunday morning arrived bright and sunny for the arrival of over forty Ferraris. A most impressive display of vintage to contemporary models. Alignment of cars was mainly by year and model with the judged and exhibition cars together. The Ferrari Judging was done by members of the Ferrari Club of America who we really wish to thank for their efforts. We were lucky to have an old friend and visiting official in the form of Anne Bluntschl from Cavallino Magazine fly down from San Francisco. It was great to see her again. While all was accomplished pretty much without a hitch, the special first place trophies, as prepared by Ferrari North America, did not arrive for the winners so certificates were issued. We promise that these trophies will be worth your wait.

We wish to thank Fred Bogardus and Shin Takei for really creating a successful event. Also special recognition to Shin Yoshikawa for his most beautiful artwork in the form of a 250GTO cut-a-way and the concours posters. Thank you, sir.

For your edification we offer the following list of the winning cars:

Mr. Ron HeinMr. Judd GoldfederMr. Ron BusuttilMr. Ron BusuttilMr. Ron Singer
First in Class and People Choice award250GT PF Series I Cabriolet
First in Class365GTC
First in Class246GTS
First in Class512BBI
First in ClassF355