FCA Wows the Festa Italia

As the words denote, this was a truly Italian fiesta with your club providing the excitement of a fifteen car display for both Saturday and Sunday. This was a food fair and a promotion of everything Italian. The Ferraris added that something special and as always were a real crowd pleaser. We set up our booth of regalia and had exceptionally brisk sales, proving, once again, that Enzo and his beloved cars have reached the hearts of everyone.

Gang at Festa The FCA Southwest Region Rat Pack conducts business at the Festa. (left to right) Marshall Lieb, Shin Takei, Don West, unknown, and Michael Lederman.

The fair was held in the area behind the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and was free to the public. There were food and drink booths exhibited by many of the more popular Italian restaurants with samplings of their best dishes to include; fried calamari, pastas, rack of lamb, pizza, salads, breads, specialty waters and coffees. All of it was great. And yours truly can attest to it as we all were treated by the promoters to generous samplings.

Miss ItaliaMiss Italia 1995 admires Don West?s 246 GT Dino at the Festa Italia (while Tom Brockmiller and Marshall Lieb admire Miss italia 1995).

Prior to the event the club was asked to participate in a FOX channel 11 television spot at six in the morning. We wish to thank Ferrari of Beverly Hills and Ferrari North America for bringing out a new F355 Spyder, as well as Tino Mingori with his beautifully prepared fly yellow 275GTB/4 and Shin Takei with his very special 365GTB/4. The three cars were on a live TV spot aired that morning. The club continued to get additional radio coverage throughout the weekend in the form of live interviews.

Cars at Festa Ferrari dealer Ogner Motorcars supported the Festa with cars and tent.

There are few things that exemplify better the true mystique and excitement created by the Ferrari marque than being at a public exhibition where you can feel the public pulse.

We wish to thank Capretta Communications, Michael Lederman and Ogner Motors as well as all our members who gave their time and brought their much appreciated cars.

Linda Sells RegaliaLinda Brockmiller slaved away all day for the benefit of the club by selling Ferrari Regalia (you can buy some too...see page 20)