President's Corner

By: Tom Brockmiller

Over the past year I have frequently heard the question asked: "Why are there two Ferrari clubs, the Ferrari Owner?s Club and the Ferrari Club of America?" I want to share my thoughts with you. There is no simple answer. Ignoring politics, historically the FOC was the only club based in California and the FCA served owners outside the state. Over the past 5 years that has changed. As you know, the FCA now has active chapters in both Northern and Southern California, with over 1,000 members, and the FCA is the only club recognized by the Ferrari Company.

Both clubs seem to be doing well. During the past year we have published each other?s events without many overlaps. That?s a step in the right direction, plus our levels of communications are more open than ever before. The next step is a merger of the two clubs.

Why? It would enable us to provide a common cause in a club "united for the sake of preservation and enjoyment of the Ferrari automobile" ? no other issue would be important. A fringe benefit would be that we would only pay dues once, a significant savings for some of our members. The reasons for having two clubs have changed and Ferrari owners in California, as well as throughout the country, would be better served by combining the resources of both clubs to provide better events and publications for all our members.

Over the past year there have been several conversations between the members of both boards in an attempt to merge the clubs but these didn?t fly. Why? Traditions don?t change easily, and while we all make excuses about "the other club having a different agenda" etc., etc., etc., I and others belive a merger of the two clubs would be good for all of our members.

How do you feel? I would appreciate hearing from you. Call me at (310) 530-1004 and if you are a member of the FOC tell a member of your board.


Tom Brockmiller