Upcoming Events

Christmas Party in Beverly Hills

You?re invited to a special Christmas Party, hosted by Ferrari of Beverly Hills. Presenting? the new 456GTA (automatic). Including? Sumptuous Italian fare and drink, as well as parking.

The evening will begin at 6:30 PM, at which time you?ll be able to meet the new General Manager, Mr. Philippe Lancksweert, as well as Mr. Alan Woodard, Service Manager and Glenn Weltz, Parts Manager. Past model introductions at the Beverly Hills dealership have been spectacular, with lots of guests, great food, and fanfare.

Ferrari of Beverly Hills is located at 9372 Wilshire Blvd. in the city of Beverly Hills. See the newest Ferrari as well as a completely redecorated showroom and service installation.

Please RSVP to Tammy at the FCA Office (800) 477-7166 x107 or Kathy at Ferrari of Beverly Hills (310) 275-4400.

Meguair?s Tech Session

On Saturday, November 9th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Bobileff Motorcar Co. in San Diego, Mr. Bob McGaha of Meguiar?s Wax Co. will demonstrate the proper way to clean and wax a car for show and fun. Bob is a pro and really knows his stuff! He will be using many of the fine Meguiar?s products and usually brings along some sample products to give out for you to try on your own car.

Bobileff Motorcar Co. is located at 9924 Mesa Rim Road, near the Mirimar area. This is a great opportunity for you San Diego-area members to dust off the steed and meet some new friends.

For more information, please call Judd Goldfeder at the FCA office. For directions to Bobileff Motorcar Co., please call Gary Bobileff at (619) 622-1600.

U-Turn at Irvine Meadows - SCCSCC Practice Slalom

What?s a SCCSCC anyway? Isn?t a Slalom just a straight line of cones that you go around? What is the right date for this thing? And why would the Ferrari Club even care? Good questions, I?m glad I asked.

This event, presented by the Ferrari Owner?s Club is a new type of event for us but promises to be loads of fun. Here?s the deal:

SCCSCC is the Southern California Council of Sports Car Clubs. This sort of slalom, also known under the SCCA name of SOLO II, consists of a road course, laid out in the parking lot at Irvine Meadows/Lion Country Safari, using traffic cones and chalk lines. The correct date, which has moved around a bit, is December 7th, with the first car out at about 10:30 AM. And we care because it is a safe, fun, low cost way to drive the pants off our cars.

The course will be challenging, with many turns and straights ? basically a sea of cones for you to navigate in your Ferrari. You?ll get an opportunity to walk the course and try to commit it to memory and then you?ll get to test your driving skills against the clock and other Ferrari owners.

This is a great competitive event that offers no risk and is easy on the car. The worst you?ll go home with is possibly some "cone blood" on your spoiler. Also, since this is a run/work event, you?ll get an opportunity to watch other drivers techniques and mistakes as you shag some cones.

All you need is a safe car, with normal seat belts and a secure battery. Bring a helmet (Snell or ANSI approved) if you have one, otherwise there should be some loaners at the event. That and $25 gets you into the fun. For more information, contact Diane Millard at (310) 861-6992 or SCCSCC at (818) 249-5761.

All in all, it only takes about half a day and is loads of fun.

Southwest Region BBQ & Swim Party

Ferrari Club of America - Southwest Region and it?s directors invite you to a Saturday afternoon BBQ and swim party. All members are welcome. There will be ample parking with a wonderful outdoor meal and drinks included. For those wishing to stay overnight and attend the Living Desert tour on Sunday, please so indicate when you rsvp. This event is sponsored by your club and it?s directors so the only charge you would have is for Saturday night lodgings an