From the Editor

By: Earl Gandel

This issue is our third effort at getting out Sempre Ferrari. Taking over the task from Jeff Littrell was not easy. Jeff has been doing a remarkable job of writing, editing and composing a superb and award-winning newsletter for some time now, and it's never easy to follow an act like his. "Real life" eventually got in the way, and Jeff's business and family (and probably racing) commitments finally forced him to say "enough." The membership all owe Jeff a big debt of gratitude for the time, talent and dedication he gave to FCA.

We also owe him for the help he gave in easing the transition for new people and new systems on the newsletter. Also due a big "thank you" is Tammy Miller, who has been the main contact, producer, organizer, printer and coordinator all along, and without whom we wouldn't have got out our first two issues. Tammy continues to pull things together, even while we're trying to lighten her load. Then there's Rose Cogan, our in-house advertising agency, who works very hard at selling - and collecting for - ads to pay the bills; Gina Keyes, (introduced by Marv Landon) who helped us get out our first issue in August; Wally Clark, of course, who writes, photographs, contributes, and pushes us to get it out on time; other recent and regular contributors like Ed Niles and Tino Mingori; and all the Events organizers and members who give us things to write about.

Larry Reynolds is our new secret weapon. Larry has much experience with cars and newsletters, having worked with the Petersen and L.A. County Museums for years, and brings new eyes and technology to the task. To help Larry and me do the best job possible, we'd now ask for your help. Contribute stories, pictures, ideas and comments freely, please. If you'd like to see something you now think is missing, say so. If you don't like something that's here now, say so. If you have an interesting story to tell, old or new, let's hear it. (How about a tech column? Travel ideas? Race stories or reports? You get the idea.) Thanks for everyone's support