Letter from Colorado

Following is a letter received by Judd Goldfeder from Ferrari owner and former FCA Southwest member Glen Burton.

September 17, 1997

Hi Judd:

Glen here. Denver?s most enthusiastic S. W. Supporter.

Thank you for continuing mailing info and S. W. newsletter. I really appreciate it. We may return to Arizona in 1998. More on that in Nov./Dec.

June is car month over here for sports cars and classics. I made two of three. June 8 was the 14th Exotic Sports Car Show and Concours d?Elegance. We had the Ferrari and the Mercedes entered. Rained out at 1:00 p.m., plus a nice tornado. Fascinating to watch. It didn?t touch the ground and was about five miles south of the event. The charity supported was United Cerebral Palsy. June 29 was Italian only, called Automezzi 7. Yes, last year was 6. We had about 30 Ferraris on display. Ferrari of Denver had about eight cars and they were the prime sponsor. Charity was American Cancer Society. One of F.O.D.?s cars was a 550 Maranello. The people?s choice award for Ferrari was a 250GT Lusso; super car. There was also a 330GTC, dark grey.

This info is just to let you know we?re still here, we appreciate the S. W. Region and Judd, and to let you know of some of the activities over here. In a few months I?ll hang up the keys to the Ferrari and lament the weather until April.

Be seeing you again in the near future.

Your friend and mine, Glen Burton




P.S. Spring, Summer and Fall are the best in the West in Colorado. Better than California. Yes!! It?s true, and I?m a California Native! But Winter is the pitts -- Pittsburgh? Definitely the Pitts. Hey, I ski every year, but keep that snow in the mountains, not down here during our work commute. Telecommute! OK ? that?s enough. See ya. Keep those F cars truckin?.