Ferrari/Pantera Picnic

By: Don West

Sunday, October 12th was Columbus Day. To celebrate this famous Italian's accomplishment, two equally famous Italian auto makers came together for the annual Ferrari/Pantera or Pantera/Ferrari* Picnic and social outing.

A cloudless day, balmy 70 degree temperature and lush green lawns provided by the South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes made for a great outing.

Over 30 assorted Ferraris and Panteras were on display along with their enthusiastic owners. This year all the cars were mixed together in order of arrival so we didn't have a "them and us" mentality. The Ferrari owners all seemed to strive for originality whereas the Panteras were all equipped with various modifications and upgrades resulting in some very interesting cars. All the cars were immaculate in appearance and made a fine display. Red was the predominant color as befitting their Italian heritage.

The clubs provided complimentary iced soft drinks and water. Many members imbibed in adult beverages originating in Italy and California. As there was no judging involved, it turned out to be a very mellow outing, without a single fist fight or stabbing.

Look for the date of this affair next fall and plan to not miss it, as a good time was had by all.