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FCA Ortega Run

By Tom Brockmiller

On Saturday, February 26th, our group of forty Ferraris met on a side street in San Juan Capistrano, much to the pleasant surprise of the local residents. We were blessed with a bright and sunny day, and the promise of a good run over "the hill" to Temecula and Thornton Winery. With this many cars ranging from 330GT's to 550's and a "one day new" 360-F1 of the Ekbergs, it's always difficult sending off so many cars on the open highway. I had a casual drivers meeting to inform the uninitiated of the reputation of Highway 74 and its "collection of brothers." Few heeded my remarks but all got over safely in groups of five without a mishap due in part to "civilian" traffic. The view coming down to beautiful Lake Elsinore was slightly impaired by a surreal mist; not to be enjoyed by the busy drivers as the road winds precipitously downhill. This highway offers reminders of the Virginia City Hill Climb in reverse.

After joining the 15 Freeway, it was an easy 70 mph cruise to the Thornton Winery where they had prepared their entire lower parking lot for our assemblage of Ferraris. What a great sight this presented with the multi-colors of so many models sitting in front of the edifice of the winery. I wish I had a helicopter to take in the view.

We had arranged for our group to have a sit down buffet luncheon in the vineyard view room atop the winery. Eighty good Ferrari friends, intimately squeezed together enjoying a sumptuous selection of Thornton's really great food. We apologize to those who sat in the patio but know they had a good time as well.

After lunch, some of the group went on the winery tour and others took a drive south to Palma Valley and Julian. Next year I will provide a specific run for after lunch that will still get most of you home before dark.

In fact, we have learned a lot about what most of you seem to enjoy. That is, Saturday events that do not start too early, include a specific destination and lunch with three or four hours of interesting driving. I believe we can continue to offer these kinds of events. If any one of you would like to create your own event please contact me.

Thanks to you all for coming and making it a great day. See you at the next one.