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Ferraris at a McLaren Race Shop?

Article by Wally Clark

Photos by Roger Groves and the author.

On Saturday, March 11, we gathered a bunch of Ferraris and people at Chuck Lamb's McLaren race car shop in Brea to watch the F-1 race from Australia and have a good time. Chuck put out a great buffet and the ambiance of his shop is just super. He has 3 (yes 3) McLaren M20 Can Am cars and all the right hardware that goes with them--the Donovan big block Chevrolet motors, the wild Hilborn fuel injection staggered stacks, the whole works! He has a complete Can Am big block motor in his lobby! His model and photo collections are something to see, the entire office area is covered with cases of model race cars (lots of Ferraris) and the walls are covered with great photos. In attendance to help with the "judging" of the Ferraris on hand, was George Follmer, who sometimes drives Chuck's black McLaren M20 in vintage events. There were about 15 Ferraris in attendance and between 30 and 40 people.

Oh yes, there was a race! Of course, Chuck had to eat crow when the two McLaren F-1 cars went out of the race before half way, which let the Ferrari's win without much competition. By the way Chuck, the Ferraris finished First and Second! Just before the race, the awards were handed out. Best of Show went to a 330GTS and Beater of the meet went to your authors 330 GT 2+2. Everyone in attendance received a plaque. We want to thank Chuck and his wife for their generous hospitality.

Everyone had a great time!