President's Report

By: Judd Goldfeder

I have gotten out of the corner and onto my own page inside the newsletter. Last month I wrote about the year past so lets hear what we are going to do in the coming 12 months.

Thursday August 24, we had a business meeting to discuss the objectives of our Club, how we are organized and what we want to accomplish. Who was there? Marshall Buck, Bill Inglis, Tino Mingori, Rose & Murray Cogan, Marshall Leib, Cris Vandagriff (yes he does exist) Cy Yedor, Kevork Hazarian, Jeff Littrell, Wally Clark, Judy Givant (JG) and husband Don Caverhill, Don West, Shin Takei and yours truly.

The surprise of the evening was a birthday cake for Cy Yedor, one of the great Southern California Sports car racers during the Golden Years of amateur racing. Cy is a founder of our region and handles all of the treasurer duties--thanks again for all of the help, Cy.

The primary objective of our Club is to provide members with a wide variety of activities in which they can participate. We recognize that our members have diverse interests, some want to take their car to the track, some want social dinners, some want car shows, some want rallies etc., etc. We agreed that the success of any event is whether the members who participated had a good time and would want to do it again. Success is not measured by the number who participate.

Financing the Club's activities was briefly discussed. Over the past 15 months dues have funded all activities. The spirit of volunteerism and generosity of members who have sponsored dinners has enabled our bank balance to grow. It was agreed the club will not sponsor events with the objective of making money. Income from some events may exceed the expenses and be added to the Clubs treasury to underwrite other events but generally events are to be self funding. The Club's major expense is the newsletter, and advertising revenue covers most of its cost.

Over the past year we have participated in events, especially at the track, with other car clubs and that will continue in the future. We will reach out to many other car clubs for example FOC, Alfa, Porsche, to invite them to our events and to participate in theirs. Do you belong to any other car club? Would the members like to participate in some of our events? Could we participate in their events? I would like members who belong to another car club volunteer to be a liaison to develop a working relationship. If you can help with this please call me at 619-489-8339 Ext 105.

Tom Brockmiller will again head up the activities committee with assistance from Cris Vandagriff, Judy Givant Don Caverhill, Tino Mingori, Wally Clark, Don West and Cy Yedor. Our region covers a large area. To make it easier for members to participate in events, we will have members organize events in their area. Tino Mingori, Bill Inglis and Kevork Hazarian will work with the activities committee to schedule activities in the San Fernando Valley area. Wally Clark and Alan Woodard will perform the same function for Orange County. Ron Adams will organize the Club in the Arizona area and John Kiland will do the same in Las Vegas. We require a San Diego chair person. I would welcome a volunteer calling me at 619- 489-8339 Ext 105.

Membership is critical to the success of our Club. Marshal Leib has agreed to work with Murry and Rose Cogan to handle the membership committee. Two small membership forms are included with this newsletter. Please give them to friends who you think might like to join the club or keep them in your car and put them on a Ferrari when you see one parked--you will be doing the owner a favor.

Cris Vandagriff will work with me and the Pacific region to plan events during car weekend at Monterey next year. These will probably include a car show on Friday, a viewing box and parking at the vintage races, an awards dinner and, hopefully a day to drive the Laguna Seca track. More on this in the future.

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