Out on Time

By: Katalin Olasz

When it comes to making deadline for Sempre Ferrari "the presses wait for no man." Even the kids are sometimes called into the act to get the official newsletter of the FCA Southwest Region out on time.

We really appreciate all the nice comments we've received about our newsletter, but we thought you might enjoy a brief, behind-the-scenes look at how this fine piece of literature, facts and fiction actually ends up in your mailbox each month.

Although most of the credit goes to Jeff Littrell, we wanted to "thank all the little people" who put hours of work and care into making sure that you get to enjoy reading about your favorite people, cars and events. Margie, our master proof reader, Lisa, Tammy, Juli, Sheri, Ron and our under 4 foot helpers - Scott and Brian, who are eager to help and always have a story or two to entertain us.

Folding Sempre FerrariThe sweatshop at The Customer Connection as even the "under four footers" get into the act to get Sempre Ferrari out on time.

While many of you might enjoy a relaxing chat with our president, Judd Goldfeder, on the phone as his beautiful tropical fish swim lazily in their 1200 gallon tank - in the other offices you might find staff, family and a friend or two (some of them under 4 feet) furiously assembling 6,750 pages of text into 450 copies - hopefully in sequential order. We don't want to bore you with all the glorious details but after hours of organizing, proof reading, pasting, folding, tagging and labeling, eyes are hurting from hours of computer monitor glare, fingers are cramped from intense folding sessions, and it's all summed up with one big group sigh of relief - "out on time".......well, more or less.

Thanks for all the nice comments, we appreciate your input!

About the author: Kat is a crazed over worked, under appreciated "master of getting things done" at Judd Goldfeder's company, The Customer Connection. She and Juli have been able to coach the Editor along and turn his electronic mess into a printed masterpiece on a monthly basis. Everything I know about printing I learned from them.