From the Competition Chairman To all FCA Members

The Track Event Committee is dedicated to planning events that represent the interests of all FCA members.

As we look back on 1995, we are proud to have offered Driving School and competitive programs aimed ar safe and easy participation. Plans for 1996 include our continued participation with the Alfa Club, as well as Porsch and FOC events.

We will also have FCA Driving Schools at Willow Springs with Driving Instructor, Danny McKeever. This event will allow you to compete with your own car, or rent one of Willow Springs' race-ready cars. We are committed to planning events that meet the expectations of our Club members. There will be an FCA Track Committee Member at each track event.

We would like to thank Jeff Littrell and his close group of racers for continuously supporting our track outings.

We hope that you join us at our track meetings or send us your ideas for future FCA track activities.