New Ferrari Colors

By: Dave Steven

If you haven?t been shopping for a new Ferrari lately you probably haven?t seen the beautiful leather attache case dealers use to assist buyers making that difficult final color decision on a 456 or 355 made to order.

It contains actual sheetmetal plates (approximately 8?x10?) painted with real paint and has a little cutout where a stitched and stuffed leather biscuit pops through to show how the leather compliments the exterior color. It also has carpet samples (not removable).

I had a chance to play with a kit a few weeks ago and here are the new choices:

  • Nero (Black) 1240
  • Nero Carbonio (Met. Black) 901/C
  • Canna De Fucile (Grey) 703/C
  • Argento Nurburgring (Silver) 101/C
  • Bianco Avus (White) 100
  • Azzurro Hyperion (Met. Blue) 517/C (Lightest)
  • Azzurro Monaco (Met. Blue) 515/C
  • Blu Sebring (Met. Blue) 503/C
  • Blu Swaters (Met. Blue) 513/C
  • Blu Le Mans (Met. Blue) 516/C (Darkest)
  • Verde Mugello (Met. Green) FQ95-3674 (Lightest)
  • Verde Silverstone (Met. Green) FQ95-3673 (Darkest)
  • Verde Inglese (British Racing Green) 606
  • Rosso Monza (Met. Red - Wine) 311/C
  • Rosso Barchetta (Dark Red) 312
  • Rosso Corsa (Bright Red) 300
  • Giallo Modena (Yellow) 102
The leather colors were not labeled so here are some descriptive terms:

Black, Grey, Light Grey, Off White, Creme, Beige, Tobacco, Brown, Navy Blue, Blue, Green, Red

Sorry, no notes on the carpet samples.

Anyway it sure makes one lust for something beyond red/tan!