A Little Humor

The pope decides to buy a Ferrari to go for a drive. He invites two of his cardinals along and once on the "autostrada" he is quickly accelerates to 250 km/h and zig-zags in the traffic overtaking the slower traffic. He continues to accelerate when the first cardinal, white as a ghost from fright asks the pope to pull over and let him out.

The pope says to him "don't worry, Jesus is with us". The cardinal politely repeats his request to the pope. The pope slows down and lets him out. The second cardinal is about to step out of the car, when the pope gives him a mean look, and the 2nd cardinal decides to stay. The pope floors it and gets to 300 km/h in no time, zig zagging and passing all the traffic. The cardinal kindly asks the pope if he would let him out, to which the pope replies "don't worry, Jesus is with us". The cardinal suggests that if the pope doesn't want his new Ferrari smelling of caca, that he lets him out. Once again the car slows down to a stop and the cardinal gets out.

Accelerating at lightning speed the pope has the speedo at 350k, everything vibrating, cars being overtaken left, right and centre when the the pope feels a tap on the shoulder. "Who's that!?" asks the pope. "It's Jesus, let me out of the car!"