Call To Action - Smog Check II

The Pacific Region newsletter ran a timely article on the latest development on the Smog II test as required by the State of California Motor Vehicle Department for the licensing of your Ferrari.

Letter to the Editor:

CA State Senator Quentin Kopp has introduced a bill (SB42) that IF PASSED would exempt cars 25 years old and older from CA?s Smog Check II.

Such a bill was requested by British Car Club members and others.

Other States have started to copy CA smog laws.

Many people have yet to face the new CA Smog II so they aren?t yet aware of how (unfairly) it makes the 25+ year old cars meet standards that they did not have to meet when brand new! I called Senator Kopp?s office and they said that the best way to help get this vital bill passed was to send/fax/contact his office or one?s local CA Senator. SB42 should get voted on in the next 30 days.

Thanks to Hardy Prentice for the above.

And further - as we go to press, Judd Goldfeder obtained the following information by calling Senator Kopp?s office:

It was just voted 6 to 0 that the bill should now go to the Appropriations committee and will appear in the legislator.

You should write to your assemblyman and state Senator asking for passage of SB42. Call if you know them. This is a most critical time for action.

Kopp, Quentin L.
363 El Camino Real, Suite 205
So. San Francisco, CA 94080
(415) 952-5666


State Capitol
Room 2057
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 445-0503