Real Men Drive their Ferraris

This is an open invitation, and challenge, for you to join a group of us that are driving our Ferraris from Los Angeles to the National Ferrari Club of America meet in Leesburg, Virginia. The event dates are Wednesday, May 21st through Sunday, May 25th.

I will be driving my 1964, 250 GTL, Lusso and my father will be driving his 1958, 250 GT, Ellena. It should be noted that there are still a few of us high spirited and adventurous souls out there willing to enjoy our cars to the utmost and make an energized run to the other coast.

This will be a well organized event with appropriate overnight stops and all necessary precautions taken to insure our enjoyment and safety.

We will be departing from Los Angeles on Friday, May 9th, allowing ample time to arrive at our destination.

The meet is being held at the beautiful Lansdowne Resort, 35 miles west of Washington DC, and there will be a track event at Summit Point Raceway. The theme is ?50 years of Ferrari Racing?. The full article and entry forms are in your National Newsletter.

If you are interested or wish further details please contact: Mike Yedor at (deleted) or Cy Yedor at (deleted). (Oh yes, Real Women can also drive their Ferraris). If you are unable to start with us in Los Angeles, you can certainly feel free to meet us along the way. A detailed map will be forwarded to you if you have any further interest.