Ferraris Sooth the Soul at Loma Linda Children's Hospital

Every once in a while we have an opportunity to enrich the lives of those less fortunate. On Monday, October 21, members of the Ferrari Club of America?s Southwest Region donated a day to brighten the faces of several young patients at the Loma Linda Children?s Hospital in Redlands?leader in child cancer care and heart transplants.

Patient and 328 Raphael Roges and a happy patient at the wheel of his 328.

Children, doctors, staff and Club members were delighted as legendary racer Phil Hill and his son, ?1996 Rookie of the Year,? Derek Hill, made a special appearance. Pilota, Cy Yedor and co-pilota, Shin Takei?s enthusiasm for the event recruited our drivers in a matter of days.

That morning, our team of seven Ferraris departed from Modena Sport Cars, where Bruno Borri was our kind host. Driving through the sand storms of Southern California?s infamous Santa Ana wind machine turned our high-gloss finishes into...well, you get the picture. But, the kids did not mind one bit. Medical limitations became inconsequential in the presence of such a great display of machinery. Mesmerized and overwhelmed with curiosity, these children could not resist crawling inside, honking horns and for a few, starting the engine of a real Ferrari.

Patient and 365 GTC/4 Cy Yedor?s car serves as excitement for Loma Linda volunteer and patient.

Derek Hill, suited up in full race attire, joined our team in distributing gifts to those children who could not go outside. In all, our team visited more than 100 children, from infants to teenagers, handing out racing posters, Ferrari stickers, T-shirts and brochures filled with colorful photos of cars.

Derek Hill Derek John Hill was a big hit with the patients at Loma Linda.

Kudos to those members who volunteered their time and energy:

Fred Bogerdus (308 GT-4); Michael Lederman (Ogner Motorcars? 355 Cabriolet); Marshall Leib (308 GTO); Rafael Roges (328 GTS); Shin Takei (Modena Sport Cars? Testarossa); Cy Yedor (365 GTC-4); and an extra special thanks to Derek and Phil Hill.

Gifts, were donated by Ogner Motor Cars and the Club. Doctors, executives and staff, all equally impressed, welcomed the Southern California Region back to the Children?s Hospital anytime?hopefully with a little less wind.