George Carroll & Concourse Publications

We would like to expound on the photographic creativity and artistry of this fine gentleman and fellow member.

CONCOURSE - the automobile as art, as in a street, roadway, or broad thoroughfare --- as in where there are automobiles.

The ?art? part is the result of enjoying the automobile as sculpture, pure form in some cases, and the beauty of exquisite mechanical engineering in other examples. Many objects, conceived in an honest effort to make a thing good and pure and true, reflect that honesty by turning out to be beautiful.

There is a great beauty in nature, but what I admire in the beauty of motor vehicles is that they are made by the minds and hands of people. True, ?only God can make a tree?, alas, only Bugatti can make a type 57SC Atlantic coupe. I have great respect for those men who made these machines that I see as art.

About my photographs: ?At car shows and Concours d?Elegance the cars are surrounded by people, making it impossible to compose the entire image, so years ago, I began to concentrate on the details. Looking at the bits and pieces that make the whole. As a designer, the importance of details has always been clear to me in architecture, interiors, and furniture design, so it?s only natural for me to see objects in bits as well as the whole.

The pictures that I take are with the enthusiast in mind. Many can identify the vehicles with only the slightest hint of an image. It is also rewarding when someone, not knowledgeable, finds pleasure in the picture based purely on composition, form, color, value, reflections and detail, without a clue, or care, as to the vehicle.

TR Head A sample of George?s fine photography.

My shots are composed with spontaneity, and If there is a good shot there I will get it. I concentrate on focus and if some shots are not as good as they might be, about 20% are quite presentable, and I know I am leaving the door open for luck and karma.?

George feels that the forgoing is one of his best shots to date and I must say that having seen most of them I think they are all great.

You may call George Carroll at 213-650-6715.