President's Corner

With the start of the new year I am reflecting back., mainly to the thought of things I would like to have done differently. Or, more precisely, the ways we can improve (fine tune) what we already have in a very good club. As in other endeavors, it always seems to come down to the same thing: the ?good people?. Those beings that come to the front, for the sake of the club, and who continue to give of their time and energy, some on a one time basis and many continually.

When you?re working for the club it?s business as usual. The glamour, excitement and sounds of your Ferrari automobile take a back seat. The only product of your efforts is realized when there is a successful gathering of Ferraris and the members come away both excited and gratified.

Measuring success is the most difficult component. Sheer numbers of people don?t always indicate success. Some of our ride and drives turn out small numbers but offer the most enjoyment. For mass appeal we constantly strive for diversity of events, both geographically and in content and we always wonder what it really is that our members want. We have tried to offer a blend of concours, social, technical and driving venues. So, until someone complains, I think we?ll keep doing it this way. Also, we must be constantly reminded that our members are busy people and must ?fit? activities into their schedule. We try not to take it personally. Wally Clark - our events chairman - is both industrious and creative. We have a 1997 calendar of events (see page 3) that will assure a great year. One of the highlights will be another (the 3rd Annual) Rodeo Drive event in April. This is a monumental task and one that we and Ferrari North America are proud to host. Planning is already well under way and we are confident of a 550 Maranello presentation.

Our continued thanks to the Board of Directors and all those who have made this club great. I wish you a prosperous and healthful new year.


Tom Brockmiller