Reception at Coachworks

A champagne brunch was the offering of this exclusive body shop designated by Ferrari of Beverly Hills as the consummate paint and damage repair facility.

It was apparent that our cordial hosts and owners, David Freed and Adnan Rawjee, went all out to make this event most informative, and It was obvious by the types and number of Ferrari?s being worked on that they know what they are doing.

Ballons at Coachworks David and Sandy Freed welcome guests to Coachworks

On our original visit a few months back I saw work in progress on a brand new 355 spyder that by anyone?s terms was a total write off. They had to re-work that car from the frame up and have the necessary apparatus and skill to accomplish such a feat. The rejuvenated Ferrari was once again pristine. On the other side of the scale I saw a restoration taking place on a Daytona. Down to metal and with some rust repair required. The choice was black, and as you would know, you can?t hide anything but perfection under that color.

Free touch-up paint Our own Wally Clark and Coachworks owners David Freed and Adnan Rawjee.

In any event, Coachworks provided a tasty brunch for well over 400 Ferrari Club of America members between 10am and 2pm, as well as on-going demonstrations by Colortone Automotive Paints - the Ferrari supplier of BASF/Glasurit Paint (free touch-up samples) and a waxing demonstration by Meguiars. The highlight of the event came when they demonstrated the spraying of a 348 in their special paint booth. The entire atmosphere was one of cleanliness, professionalism and caring.

Painting a 348 Laying the Glasurit on a 348 during a spray paint demonstration.

Who can attest to the feelings involved when one does damage to his beloved Ferrari and thinking that it will never be the same. What a figment of our minds. Coachworks specializes in re-birth.

The Club thanks all those involved in this event for enlightening us.