Phil Hill Dinner at Ogner Motorcars

Over 100 people attended this great event held to honor Phil Hill and to benefit Derek Hill?s racing endeavors. A great Italian buffet was provided, and while a little crowded, everyone was able to eat and enjoy discussing our favorite subject - Ferraris!

Several awards were given out at this event. Jeff Littrell, esteemed editor of Sempre Ferrari, received the Dave Cummins Award, which is a beautiful trophy of a prancing horse inside a crystal enclosure that is awarded by the Ferrari Club of America for excellence in regional club publications. The trophy was presented to Jeff by Phil Hill and Dave Cummins, who came over from Phoenix to attend this event. Dave was the originator of the FCA National News Bulletin, and the award is named in his honor.

Jeff gets Dave Cummins award Jeff Littrell received the Dave Cummins Award for Editorial Excellence from Phil Hill and Mr. Cummins.

Another award was given to Michael Lederman, who has supported FCA club events ever since the inception of the Southwest Region, and to whom the club is grateful for his undying enthusiasm and participation. Boy, was he surprised! The award was presented by FCA Southwest Region Board Member and Treasurer, Cy Yedor.

Michael Lederman gets award Michael Lederman receives his FCA trophy from Phil Hill.

A portion of the funds donated for this event were given to the 11-99 Foundation, an organization devoted to the welfare of widows and dependents of the California Highway Patrol. Accepting on behalf of the 11-99 Foundation was Executive Director Rebecca Centner and Director Bruce Meyer. All monies that were collected for this event were donated to both causes.

The highlight of the evening was Phil?s slide show of the European racing scene of the late 50s and early 60s. Most of the photos were taken by Phil, or by his friends, and are scenes that have never been published before. The people and places chronicle Phil?s early racing career, along with stories that only Phil could recite by having been there. Ask him about dodging Mrs. Ferrari on the way back to Modena sometime. He provides insight, candor and humor that are unavailable anywhere else. An informative question and answer session followed the slide show.

People at Ogner The club enjoys the hospitality of Ogner motorcars, under the ambiance of broken Porsches.

On behalf of the Club, we would like to thank the Ogners for hosting this event. We would also like to thanks all the Club members who came and gave their support for the event!